Run out of space in merge huge AVHDX file. any idea what to do?

I Hope you will help me with a huge problem..

The problem start in one of our VM in hyper V.

I had a 2TB unallocated space in that machine (win server 16) it and I wanted to move this space to the host (win server 16). so from the host I run a powershell to shrink space of this VM. BUT.. I had checkpoint on this VM (!!)..

So after the shrink process I couldn’t power on that VM.

This VM had a 16TB hard disk.. (and no backup)..

In the end I had one VHD that was 30GB on AVHDX that have 500GB (this was the newest/latest checkpoint) and one more AVHDX with 15+TB..

After a lot of error message (mismatch etc) I decided to start merging the two AVHDX to the parent VHD. the first AVHDX (the 500GB) merged fine. now I need to merge the 16 TB to the parent.

before the second merge process I enter to the settings of that VM (in the host).. In the hard disk I saw that this VM is pointing to the first AVHDX (that is not exist because I did the first merge process with that file) so of course the VM didn’t power on…
I didn’t wanted to point the hard disk to the second AVHDX (the 16 TB ) so because of that I started the second merge..

In that server (host) I had 5.5 TB free so I started the merging process. Now I have 400GB so I paused the merging process. the VHD is something about 6.5TB and the AVHDX is still 16TB.

How can I increase the C drive? If I add external 10TB USB drive. how can I increase C drive with that USB?

What will happens if i’ll cancel the merge processes now and change the AVHDX in settings of this VM manually?

I so need to get to the files in that VM.. So Frustration…

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One of our VM faild to start… Big problem…

Hi guy’s,

We have a VM (hyper v) that had an unallocated space. 

I tried to transfer that spase to host. So I power off this VM and run the powershell.. " Resize-VHD -ToMinimumSize…" now my VM is refusing to power on.. 

What Can I do now? I need that VM.. 

I tried to inspect the avhdx but didn’t get reconnect option.. 

I enter to the settings of the VM I can see that the attached AVHDX is referring to a small file:

and this is the that the VM uses:

But It couldn’t be a small file because I know that this VM has much more (16Tb +-)  so, Can I reconnect The 16…KB file to the VM?

I’f I try to do that I get this warning:

What Should I do? 



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