Unable to convert existing snapshot to ReferencePoint.


I’m trying to implement fast backup tool for Windows Server 2016+ Hyper-V (configuration 8+). I am using  C++ COM WMI. I was able to successfully create a snapshot and wait for Job is done but get in trouble to convert it to ReferencePoint.
For this purpose I use  ROOTvirtualizationv2 namespace, ConvertToReferencePoint method of the Msvm_VirtualSystemSnapshotService class. Incoming parameters field with: AffectedSnapshot contains __PATH of Msvm_VirtualSystemSettingData (Checkpoint
settings for the virtual machine.), ReferencePointSettings left empty because it noted in docs as optional. After method executing new Job not created (Job out param) is null and ReturnValue  is 32770 (vendor specific range). 

What am I doing wrong?

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