Attack LUN on Hyper-V

Good afternoon mates

I currently want to validate how to attach a mon to a hyper-v node.

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HyperV Checkpoint/ Snapshot errors for Backup

Hi, we have recently created a Hyper-V server but after a few days of use we can no longer take backups. If we restart the VM the checkpoint still fail but if we restart the
host they begin to work again. Is there a way of releasing whatever process is using the file so we can take checkpoints for backup again? I’ve attached a screenshot of the error.

Is there an easy way to find out what process is using the avhdx checkpoint file and can this be deleted to allow the checkpoint process to run. Also the VM does not show it has
any checkpoints in the HyperV manager so assume these are created as part of a backup process.

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HyperV Replica Error with drive space

I have an error with my HyperV replica.

MyServer requires resychronization because it is about to run out of disk space on ‘%3’ available space is less than %4MB.(Virtual machine ID %2)

I have check disk space on my 2 host servers and then virtual but none are running out.

Which server is it talking about?

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