Can you store an deleted VM in hyperv if you have a snap?

We have a hyper-v server and am wondering if the VM is deleted accidentally if a snap made before the deletion will it restore the VM ?


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Hyper-v 2019 clusters? how do we set up the clusters and storage?

We want to create a very large hyper-v 2019 cluster ( thinking 64 nodes is the maximum).

We do not have a SAN/ NAS therefore is there a solution using disks attached directly to each server node?

How do we go about installing hyper-v 2019 cluster in the Azure Cloud?

Also if a VM is in one cluster set can it be moved to another cluster set?  What happens if you need the VM to move off a cluster set where you have resource contention issue?

What is the minimum resources (CPU, RAM) required for a hyper-v 2019 cluster node to function?,… keep in mind this hyper-v server resources cannot have adverse effects on this hosted VM/s.


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vhdx – converting generation 2 to generation 1

We need to convert a generation 2  vhdx to a generation 1  vhdx.

How do we do this?  detailed steps?

Once we have a gen 1 vhdx we need to convert it to a gen 1 vhd.


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created a hyper-v then imported a VMDX provided by the vendor

Created a hyper-v then imported a VMDX provided by the vendor.  When this VM is started up, the NIC was configured. The vendor application installed as well.

The vendor provided a VMDX which goes online as a linux machine.  It starts up then we add a IP in the same subnet as the hyper-v host.   The IP added was pinged and nslookup to confirm no other devices are using this IP.  We added valid
DNS servers.  The vmdx was imported as a COPY (create new ID for virtual machine).   Virtual switch is set as External and no other options are chosen.

The hyperv host can ping other network servers however this linux VM cannot ping or nslookup anything.  This Linux VM cannot even ping the default gateway.

This hyper-v host is in Azure and we have confirmed the network security group (NSG) is configured identical to other working NSGs.

Please recommend how to get this server to communicate.  Is there something wrong with the virtual network switch??


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