Guest fails to start with nested virtualization enabled.

I need to enable nested virtualization on a guest running in Hyper-V so that I can use a VMWare Workstation effectively on the guest.

Server is a Dell PowerEdge R410 with two Intel Xeon E5645 (VT-X with EPT is supported) running Windows Server 2016 Build 14393.  The guest is Windows 10 version 1803, using Hyper-V configuration version 8 generation 2.  

When nested virtualization is enabled with "Set-VMProcessor -VMName Windows10 -ExposeVirtualizationExtensions $true" the guest fails to start.  It gets to "starting 10%" then returns to the off state.  The system event log displays
the error "Windows10 has encountered a fatal error and a memory dump has been generated.  The guest operating system reported that it failed with the following error code: 0x1E.  If the problem persists, contact Product Support for the
guest operating system.  (Virtual machine ID 228E40F4-227B-44D5-B7D8-49A070BBE734)".  

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