domain.local in Active directory

I have windows 2008 r2 DC with internal DNS namespace of domain.local in Active directory. If install and promote DC with win 2019 server would it accept the internal DC with domain.local or it will break. It seemed to work when I tested the upgrade
on internal lab with no internet connection. Hopefully, it would be the same when it is connected external

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Adding Windows server 2019 on windows 2008 r2 DCs env

Is it possible to promote windows 2019 server as DC on a prod env with Windows 2008 r2 as DCs? Or should first join with eval version of Win 2016 and promote and then promote 2019, considering I only have license for Windows 2019

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HyperV lab with private network

I have a new hyperV server joined to domain. since I do not have production VM configured on the new host. I thought of using it for testing the addition of Win2016 DC in my 2008 r2 DC production env. 

I converted both my production DC (physical) with disk2vhd. copied them to hypervisor and spun them back on new host. Created a virtual private switch and assigned the private switch to each vm network. change IP address on DCs to same as production and
deployed windows 2016 core and win10 and assigned IP address similar to production network instead of self assigned APIPA as my converted domain would not function with APIPA. 

Would it be safe to install ADDservices on windows 2016 server without impacting production domain as they are all in private network but with same ip. I can see it does hit host and other guest VM in production with ping. I guess it would be save to introduct
windows 2016 for test and simulate before I do it in production. On reason I have to complete the test is I still use domain.local for internal therefore I have to do a thorough test before adding win 2016 DC in production 

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