unable to ping default gateway

Hi All

1.i am new to hyperv, This is the first virtual machine i am creating. i am having a virtual machine server01 which is perfectly working,  i have created a new virtual machine server02 similar to server01 settings, i.e same VLAN. VM settings of Server01
an Server02 are similar.

Windows Firewall is disabled on Server02 and Server01
i have disabled network card and enabled.
checked network card properties of server1 and server02-Client for microsoft networks-Advanced VLAN ID is 0 for both the servers. 
Default gateway settings, DNS setting are same for both the servers.
RDP is enabled on Server02
I was able to join server02 to domain and i can see my domain name on the network card ie(ncpa.cpl) of server02.

The issue is i am not able to ping default gateway from Server02 nor i am able to RDP the server but hostname and ip is resolving when i do nslookup from my jumpserver. experts guide me on this.

2. On VMware we have concept of vmware tools, in hyperv is there anything like this.

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Create VM

Hi Experts

i want to build oracle linux virtual machine on hyperv2016, is it supported on hyperv or not, please help me how to check this OS is supported or not.

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Hi Experts i am using hyperv2016, i have checkpoints created by our backup solution and i am not able to delete the checkpoints since the option to delete checkpoints is grayed out. Experts guide me how to delete those checkpoints

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VM configuration version

Hi Experts

we am using HyperV 2016 and i am new to HyperV, i have a requirement on one VM to change configuration version from 5 to 8,is there any risk involved in it and is this a reversible operation(i.e if any issues can i revert back from 8 to 5)

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VM info

Hi experts

i am logged into one of the VM, from the VM is it possible to know on which hyperv host it resides in.

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CheckPoint Operation Failed

Hi experts i am using HyperV 2016. i am trying to take production check point for the vms but i am getting error.

For the VM’s under the integration services below options are selected
Operating system shutdown
Time synchronization
Data Exchange
Backup(volume shadow copy)

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