Considerations for Changing IP Address of Standalone Hyper-V Host


I need to change the host OS IP address on a stand-alone 2012R2 Hyper-V host. This is the only Hyper-V host so I don’t need to worry about a cluster. There are two VMs running on this hyper-V host. Is it best practice to shutdown the guest VMs and put the
host maintenance mode before changing the host IP address?

The guest VM IP addresses will remain the same. I have been researching this topic and I found several considerations if your hyper-V host was in a cluster, but I haven’t seen much if your Hyper-V host is standalone. I’m more familiar with VMware ESXi where
they do recommend putting the host in maintenance mode before changing IP address. In this particular circumstance if I can change the Host OS IPs without shutting down the Guest OS VMs it would make this process easier.

Any input is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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