Dynamic Disk

Has Microsoft published any recent best practices around using Dynamic Disks in Windows 2016 DC Edition w/Hyper-V cluster?

I’ve ready tons of conflicting articles about using them in just LAB,DEV,TEST, but never Prod. Some say Prod is ok after 2012. I found one that says don’t use Dynamic Disk in a cluster. Some say always use Dynamic unless the vendor recommends fixed. On and
on and on…

I just can’t find an "official" article from Microsoft that I can use to present to some colleagues.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Virtual Switch Setup Question


I was wondering how I should setup my virtual switch in a 2016 DC Edition hyper-v cluster (10 hosts) using failover clustering. I am using Hyper-V Manager at the moment.

I already have 2 8 gig FC cards dedicated to the storage so the remaining ports I have available are…

2 10 Gig E (currently teamed)

4 1 Gig E (I don’t want to use all four if possible)

* Currently host, Cluster, VM’s are all using the same VLAN. I can separate these by using separate VLANs if needed.

I currently have all (except storage) of the different functions using the teamed 10 Gig ports and it’s working just fine, but I guess best practices say to split the different functions (live migration, cluster, management, VM guest traffic) up. 

Would it be OK to just split the functions up using separate VLANs/internal/external switches and have any new VLANs trunked to the teamed 10 Gig ports? I would say 50-60% of the VM traffic will stay within the same 10 host cluster. Also live migrations and
or failover will be with the same 10 hosts.

I come from a VMware background and would normally just create one or two virtual switches with multiple port groups/separate VLANs and use 2 10 Gig E for everything except the storage.

Just looking for some advice/feedback from the community. : )


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