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[Solution] HP printer software on Hyper-V with missing USB support…


I would like to share my (free!) solution for installing software on a Hyper-V guest, when that installer checks for usb support.

My problem was that I tried to install a HP printer and scan driver in a Windows XP guest, running on Windows 8 Hyper-V. The installation failed with a message that no USB hardware and drivers were found and setup could not continue…
Duhhhh, I am trying to install it as a network printer/scanner, you HP morons!

After searching the web, I found various solutions. One of them was installing the Guest OS under VMWare Workstation, install the HP printer software (since VMWare workstation has USB support) and then migrate the VMWare guest to Hyper-V. I thought
this was way too much work!

Then I stumbled on the KernelPro usb-over-ethernet solution. I downloaded the free client and installed it on the Windows XP guest under Hyper-V. I did not connect to any usb-over-ethernet server, as I do not have one. However, having the usb-over-ethernet
client running, made the HP installer believe the Hyper-V guest had full USB support and happily installed the software.

Here you can find the free download for the KernelPro usb-over-ethernet client:

Kind regards,

Erik Cheizoo

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