Evend ID 19050 when exporting VMs via scheduled Powershell script

I have several servers that export their running VMs using Mike Galvin’s script here:

In short this script checks for running VMs, exports the running VMs to a particular location, logs it, and can email if desired.

All but one of our servers runs this script fine. On the server in question I can log personally, open powershell in admin mode and successfully run this script with zero errors. However sometime in the last year the automated way we run this script stopped
working… sort of.

On this server there are 7 VMs running. When the script is kicked off via Scheduled Tasks, 6 of the 7 VMs take the following error:
Event ID 19050 ‘ServerX’ failed to perform the operation. The virtual machine is not in a valid state to perform the operation. (Virtual machine ID 7B70D5A0-F71C-45BA-8506-AB5A983594AF)

We have a dedicated account that runs these scripts. Again all other servers running this script have zero errors. I changed the account running this script to my own since I can successfully run it manually. Still pulls that error.

I’ve done a little searching on it and most of the data I find doesn’t help. Does anyone have any ideas?

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