VHDS sets

If I have a Guest cluster can I migrate (not live migrate) a VHDS set disk to another volume on the guest cluster? In 2012 R2 you have to remove the disk from the hosts reconnect as a non-shared disk  move it then reconnect as a shared disk but in
2016 I don’t see the ability to make it a vhdx it is only available as a vhds.  

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Setup Storage Replication

I want to setup a cluster to cluster storage replication on existing clusters. The clusters are in different locations with storage systems that are direct attached to blade chassis on each one. I have selected a 560GB volume as the data drive and a 9GB
SSD as the log drive on the primary cluster and provisioned 2 drives that are exactly the same on the destination cluster(all drives are cluster shared volumes). When I run the script Test-SRTopology using the cluster drives I get an error "log drives
cannot be CSVFS" when I use non clustered log drives I get and error "storage replica does not support replication of non-clustered disks" What am I doing wrong?

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