Setup for first Virtual Machine

Hi All

I am looking for some advice and tips!

Our current setup is 3 dedicated servers:

Serv1 - PDC, AD, EXCH2010 (win2k8R2)

Serv2 - SDC(however not currently working correctly), FS (win2k8)

Serv3 - SQL (Sage and bespoke SQL applications) (win2k12)

Our PDC had a hardware failure and temporarily went down. Our SDC although set up to replicate and be SDC did not takeover. The netlogon and sysvol folders did not copy across hence the issue.

As we were looking to dip our feet into virtualizing our servers next year anyway, we decided that this was the correct time to start the process. The plan was to use Hyper -V to create a replica of our DC, FS and EXCH server.  

We purchased a 

Dell PowerEdge R640, Xeon-Silver X4114 2.2ghz 10 Core - 32GB RAM - 2
TB x 2 6G SAS HDD - H730P Controller.

Our setup would then be 

Hypervisor windows 2016

VM1 - svr2k16 - DC, AD, DNS, FS 

VM2 - svr2k16 - exch2k16

dedicated SQL server remaining as is

other 2 dedicated server to be decommissioned

The idea is to initially set up on BIOS RAID 1 then install the svr2k16, create VM1 - setup as SDC and then transfer the roles over once we are certain that this would take DC reigns when we switch off our PDC. If this test passes we would then go about
creating VM2 and proceed to migrate from exchange 2010 to 2016. 

My questions are

1) Are my steps correct? I know it is brief but i believe following the migration guides I will be okay.

2) We use arcserve backup installed on SDC atm, I was looking to keep this on the new PDC on VM1 and then backup VM1 and the SQL dedicated server.

Thanks in advance for advice


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