avhdx leftover from backup tool – how to merge or delete those files?

I’ve dome some tests with a 3rd party backup tool for Hyper-V. Unfortunately it does not work as expected. I removed it from the system. 

Now I have a differential avhdx and corresponding *vhdx.mrt and *vhdx.rct files sitting around, for each virtual disk. 

The avhdx is not visible in the hyper-v GUI as a snapshot (I did not create snapshots), and also
Get-VMSnapshot will not show it at all (thus Remove-VMSnapshot won’t work). I only see them in the filesystem.

That would not bother me so much, but a side effect is that normal snapshots do seem to fail now.

I tried to merge the avhdx into the main vhdx with "manage disk" in the hyper-v GUI, but the
ID is not matching and I am not sure if and how to proceed. The GUI warns that there might be data loss. 

How do I get rid of the .avhdx, .mrt and .rct files? As I mentioned, the usual way to merge snapshots does not seem to work. 

Any pointer is very welcome. 



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