How do I replicate to a server that already has a copy of the VM Guests?


I have two servers at two different locations.   The internet speed would have taken forever to do an initial sync of all the VMS.   I have the VHDX files and VMs on both the production and the replica server.    I have no idea
how to do a sync if the data is already on the second server - just a day apart.

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Can I replicate between two servers in different domains?


I’ve done replications between servers all the time - sometimes they aren’t on the same subnet but never between two domains - first time - not sure if there is something different I need to do.

I have two servers each host running 2016 (and all guest VMs are 2016).   I have set up a trust between the two and conditional forwarders.  I can ping each server by name.

I have the hyperV settings set for kerberos.   I’ve disabled all firewalls on both servers - there are
NO firewall policies, rules, or anything else between the two domains.    All firewalls are disabled.

When I set up a replication from one host to other using kerberos, I get these two messages

event 3200 Hyper-V failed to enable replication for virtual machine ‘Test’: A connection with the server could not be established (0x00002EFD). (Virtual machine ID 71EFDF26-BD0D-4C85-81FB-6C6918AA036E)

THis is the setting on the server I’m replicating from - 

Not sure if that ! about configuration details is the source of the issue.

These are settings on the server I’m replicating to - 

event 29230 Hyper-V cannot connect to the specified Replica server ‘HOST1’. Error: A connection with the server could not be established (0x00002EFD). Verify that the specified server is enabled as a Replica server, allows inbound connection on port
‘443’, and supports the same authentication scheme.

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Hyper-V Replica machine status "Modifying – Scheduled"


Other than this one thread I can’t find any solution or details on this issue - 

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