Default Switch failing after windows update

Hi all,

I am running a VM on Hyper-V on my HP Z-Book and has been running fine until I did a Win 10 upgrade. Now when my Pc boots up the Hyper-V default switch continually drops in / out with "Attempting to Authenticate" which seemingly fails, then flicks
to a disabled state and dissapears and then just continues to do this.

I have tried all sorts of troubleshooting including uninstalling Hyper-V multiple times, reinstalling my laptop nic drivers multiple times, and performing Network resets. Nothing has fixed it. Sometimes it will also cause my laptop NIC to do the same thing,
but if I stop the Hyper-V service my laptop NIC stays connected and doing a network reset fixes it. I am real noob when it comes to network stuff, so any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks heaps

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