Good afternoon.  I am in the process of creating a Microsoft Server 2016 VM with Hyper Visor.  I came across some guidance from the following link:

which states,

NOTE: Microsoft Virtual Machines static MAC addresses must be within the following range:              

Minimum Mac Address = 00-15-5d-01-80-00              

Maximum Mac Address = 00-15-5d-01-8F-FF

So, must I? 

The reason I ask is that we are converting a physical server into a VM and retiring that physical server.  One of the programs on that server has licenses that are tied to that server’s MAC.  I’d like to reuse that MAC.  As long as we avoid
network collisions on our small network (about 20 physical and virtual machines) which is a closed loop system (i.e. not connected to the internet), I don’t understand the above must statement.

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