Hyper-V switch changes to internal automagically

I have a 2012R2 server running Hyper-V.    Everything has been running just fine until I arrived this morning to find one of the VMs on the system not talking on the network.    Turns out the web server VM has a hard coded address of but is not communicating.   Further investigation unearthed the fact that the ONLY VSwitch on the host was set to "Internal".   HyperV failed to allow me to change this back to external.   Creating a new
VSwitch for external access worked fine.   I moved all VM’s onto this newly created External switch and all is fine.   Oddest part of this issue is that the original and only VSwitch was set to External and working fine until this morning. 

I can get into details regarding hardwares, etc. but I wondered if anyone else had seen such behaviour.    The host has seen no changes in the past 10 days, patching etc. and was rebooted 10 days ago without issues.

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