Unable to create checkpoints-backup getting failed.



We have Hyper-V on 2012 R2, SCVMM 2012.
Virtual machine is also on 2008R2 OS. Recently Veeam backup started to fail for 2 VM’s with below error. 

Failed to create snapshot (Data ONTAP VSS Hardware Provider) (mode: Hyper-V child partition snapshot) Details: Failed to add volume [?Volume{XXXX}] to the VSS snapshot set
The volume shadow copy provider is not registered in the system.
-tr:Failed to add volumes to the snapshot set.
-tr:Failed to perform pre-backup tasks.  

I have performed below checks:

Verified VSS writers in server.
Restarted services in OS and Hyper-V host.
Validated cluster storage space.
Tried to take manual snapshot, its getting failed with below error:

Error (12700)
VMM cannot complete the host operation on the host because of the error: Checkpoint operation for ‘XXXXXXXX’ failed. 
Unknown error (0x8001)

Recommended Action
Resolve the host issue and then try the operation again.

Other VM’s in the same host are running fine. Not sure how to fix this issue. 

Any suggestions how to solve this issue.?


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Hyper-V VM snapshot deletion job is stuck

VM snapshot deletion Job is stuck at 50% for windows server 2012R2 VM. Snapshot size is only 110GB and it has been 5hr still job is running. VM is running fine, any suggestion how to fix this without downtime. 


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Remove VM from SCVMM and readd it.

One of the Hyper-V VM shows configuration error in SCVMM console, but VM is running fine in Hyper-V host. There is no issue with the VM, its working fine. But due to configuration error in SCVMM console backups are getting failed.

Repair option is not able to fix this issue, other options are greyed out. How can I remove the VM from SCVMM and re-add it. 

Any help on this will be much appreciated. 



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Hyper-V VM status is "Incomplete VM configuration"

Suddenly one of the VM in Hyper-V is showing as "Incomplete VM configuration" in Virtual machine manager. VM is running fine, I am able to login to VM but Veeam backup are getting failed because of this. 

Any suggestion will be of great help.

As of now I have restarted WS-Management service in hyper-V host and tried to re-register this VM again in VMM. Repair and refresh options are not helping. 

Below is the error log:

Error (2912)
An internal error has occurred trying to contact the server: NO_PARAM: NO_PARAM.
Unknown error (0x80041003)

Recommended Action
Check that WS-Management service is installed and running on servert. For more information use the command "winrm helpmsg hresult". If server is a host/library/update server or a PXE server role then ensure that VMM agent is installed and running.
Refer to for more details.

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