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Hyper-V 2019 – Guest VM's shutdown unexpectedly


Since upgrading my Hyper-V servers to Windows Server 2019, including KB4471332 from last night, my guest VM’s do not power down on restart of the 2019 host.

I can confirm integration components are as up to date as possible, and each guest is configured to shutdown when the host restarts.

Each guest gets the "Why did I shutdown unexpectedly message".

The even viewer yields the following all within 30 seconds of restarting the host:

Shut down physical computer. Stopping/saving all virtual machines…

‘ADFS’ failed to perform the ‘Shutting Down’ operation. The virtual machine is currently performing the following operation: ‘Shutting Down’. (Virtual machine ID 0CFDF648-EE9D-4141-9EBD-9A6D911C3442)
‘ADFS’ failed to shut down. (Virtual machine ID 0CFDF648-EE9D-4141-9EBD-9A6D911C3442)

The Update Orchestrator Service service terminated with the following error:
This operation returned because the timeout period expired.

Failed to restore configuration for port 59229EE2-C880-4BF2-9849-89A21EC17772 (Friendly Name: ) on switch 300C0E17-E123-4182-BE62-AAD1860BE841 (Friendly Name: ), status = Object Name not found..

Everything is configured as it was on the 2016 Hyper-V host.

The message ADFS failed to shut down because it is shutting down seems terribly odd to me.  Of course its shutting down, just need the host to wait. (Yes the registry is set to 120 as the default time for the host….)

Fairly simple to recreate….just spin up a 2019 server, install Hyper-V role, throw in a VM and test.

Any help would be appreciated, but my money is on it being another bug.

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SNMP Service Tabs (Agent,Traps,Security) Does not apper

I install snmp on hyper-v 2016 via command line according to with 

Dism /online

command but I cant see Agent, Traps and security tab of snmp service


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