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Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management Service doesn’t respond, cannot stop/restart

Hello, I’ve been running a functioning virtualization set on a small Server 2016 install, running a half dozen VMs. Everything was working fine for months, but I let Windows update last night and when it rebooted suddenly none of the VMs would startup. When
I attempted to check them with the management tool it tells me it’s connecting to the Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management Service, and it never stops saying that except to sometimes say it cannot be reached. This is all locally on the server, not remotely.
This has not happened in the past. When I attempt to stop or restart the Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management Service it takes a long time and then ends with Error 1503 saying that it cannot stop the service as it took too long to respond.

I tried rolling back the update, and that changed nothing unfortunately. This is pretty disastrous for me, hopefully someone can help me out!

Edit: As far as I can tell none of the VMs boot, none appear to be on the network switch, and I cannot access them through any means.

The Get-VM command hands powershell, and whether the service is stopped or not (which is does eventually stop after 10+ minutes) the network switch information in the Hyper-V configuration area for switches never becomes available.

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