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error while adding external Virtual network

i have a server 2008r2 standard, HP prolaint… server has four lan ports. port -1 is connected to lan. i am trying to add external virtual network and assign port2, 3 or 4, am getting error " error applying virtual network properties changes. setup
switch failed. when i try to internal or private, have no issues. Hp network configure utility is also installed.  what could be the problem. please help me out to fix this issue.

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Upgrade Hyper-V 2012 R2 Cluster to Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V Cluster

We are having Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V Cluster. It has three nodes. We would like to upgrade it to Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V Cluster and would like to Live Migrate the Guest VMs without any downtime. I outlined the steps that I will carry out, please let
me know if I am missing something.

On the backend we have Cisco Nexus Switches (v1000) running. Can I directly transfer the Guest VMs to two nodes and suspend & remove the third cluster node. Once removed, i can reformat it and install Windows Server 2016  on it. Once ready, I will
install hyper-v and failover clustering feature to it.

I will create and keep the same Virtual Swicth name on Hyper-V. Once ready, i can add it to the cluster.
I can repeat the same above process for the remaining nodes, correct?

And then later on I can update the cluster funcational level as well, correct?

Please let me know if my approach is correct. Secondly, is there any limitation with Cisco Nexus switches (v1000) that I have to take care of before the upgrade?


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Hyper-V Integration Services, 2016 Hosts


Just validating our 2016 failover cluster and one warning was about integration services being out-of-date in the guests.

Stumbled across this article:

but cannot actually find the download to install it on the guests. We do use WSUS but it’s not there.

Any ideas?


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administrator Desktop is showing recycle bin only


we are using Windows Server 2012 R2 and after restarting server below error showing.

we try to create folder in system profile but strange error Space not available in C drive while C have 126 GB free Space.

any help will highly appreciate.


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Best Practice for Creating a Hyper-V VHD image

I wanted to create a VHD image that can be used for bringing up on Hyper-V environment.

I intend to build this image using FreeBSD OS as guest OS and expect this image to grow from few GB’s of data to 2 TB of data over time. From performance point of view , if nature of Disk is set as fixed size over dynamic grow nature, still  wanted
to know what would be the best practice to create a VHD image for this kind of requirement? like if a separate storage is mounted on and used for storing DB related data in Guest OS, will this be advisable if the need is to have periodically backup and restore
the whole VHD.

Is it best to have whole 2TB allocated at once while creating VHD as fixed disk and used or what would be best practice if both Performance and backup and restore being points of priority for this VHD to be considered ?

Please guide ..   


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Compacting VHDX disks not working

I have a VM file server and I would like to Compact the VHDX.  On my host is shows it is 5.3TBs, but it is smaller than than within the VM due to "White Space".

I have compacted disks in the past without issue.

When I shut down the VM and select the disk to Compact it appears to start and then dissappears with no errors within 1 second of starting it.

I know it would take a while to compact a VHD of this size.  So I get no error, but the disk does not perform the compact.

Brian Modlin

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Boot VM safe mode


We’re running 2016 (2 hosts in a cluster) on the hosts with some 2008 R2 and 2012 R2 guests. One of the 2012 R2 guests gets stuck on ‘Please wait…’ during boot up and never comes up.

I need to boot this VM in to safe mode but no matter what I try I never get the boot options menu appear. Turning off the machine while running does not even force the boot menu, which it does in 2008 R2.

How do you perform this simplest of tasks in Hyper-V on 2012 R2 guests?


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Disabling Hyper-v destroyed internet capabilities

I had enabled Hyper-V. I experienced frequent blue screens due to conflicts with NOX emulator. I deleted them and no longer got blue screens, but I still decided to disable Hyper-V back(I did not create any virtual machine). Then my internet stopped working.
I am getting packets, just no internet.

- I am using static IP address in a research environment. Looking at the ipconfig /all, using any of the available(&reserved for me) IP address for my Ethernet adapter would mark it as "Duplicate". Not sure if this is the core reason, but I
tried what I could.

- Would some unknown adapter using the same IP address? I tried uninstalling network adapters in Device Manager. Also scanned for hardware changes to bring them back.

- Should things be ‘properly’ cleaned up using Hyper-V Manager? I re-enabled Hyper-V, created virtual switches and deleted them. I reset the network with netsh command, both before and after disabling Hyper-V back. No luck there.

- I finally resorted to reinstalling Windows. It didn’t solve the problem. Did Hyper-V just mess up my firmware or something?

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.avhdx files exist but dont seem to be in use

Hi All,

I’m running HyperV on a Server 2016 cluster.

I have an issue where I have multiple .avhdx files stored with the .vhdx file.  I understand that .avhdx files are differential disks when a checkpoint is created.  I suspect that this was done by our backup software, but not removed properly. 

If I view the VM in Hyper-V manager I see the following:

  • No checkpoints exist for the VM
  • The VM HDD settings are pointing to the .VHDX file
  • The .AVHDX files are not growing in size
  • The .VHDX file is growing in size

By all accounts it looks like these .AVHDX files are not in use and can safely be deleted.  I would like a way to confirm that this is indeed the case.

Is anyone able to advise?


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Hyper – V 2016 server – Storage


How are you? Im using Hyper V 2016 Server and im trying to use the storage for VMs. 

If i go to management disks I see the volumes of the storage.  

But I cannot use them by Hyper-V.

I installed Multipath I/O feature in Server Manager

The storage is an HP EVA

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


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