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Failover Cluster Manager live migration fails with error code 1155 after 3%

I have a 2 node Win Srv 2012 Hyper-V cluster with cluster shared storage enabled.  I can do a quick migration of servers (or shut them down and migrate), but not a live migration.  When I try I get 3% completed and then error code 1155
"The pending move for the role ‘{servername}’ did not complete.  The event logs are annoyingly sparse. he event is repeatable upon demnd so im sure its a fixed configuration issue rather than a random event.

The Hyper-V-Hgh-Availability log shows event ID 21111

I have checked that the live migration settings are available and that network connectivity is correct but can not resolve this issue.

I have created a dedicated Network for the live migrations but to no avail.  Taking the cluster off line and running a repairing does not help.

I’ve seen others with this issue but no sign of a recorded resolution.  Any advise or information based upon experience would be greatly appreciated.

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