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Windows 2012 R2 Cluster blue screens with 0x20001 11 27384d on NTOSKRNL.EXE

The blue screen is occurring randomly on all four nodes of my newly created Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V Cluster.

Each Server:

  • HP BL465c Gen 8 (192GB/FC Connection to VNX)
  • All Drivers are current per HPSReports analysis by them
  • All EMC Drivers are up to date

Not all servers are rebooting at the same time.  They will sporadically do this with no event indicators of any failures prior to the event.  This appears to be a hyper-v memory management error which usually indicates bad memory or something like
that, but this is extremely unlikely because the events are occurring on all four servers that are identical.  The only reason I can see this being the case is if I have some BIOS issue that is undiscovered as of it.  This can always be a possibility
but HP has been pushing me to Microsoft because of the cross device consistency of this.

There simply is nothing in any log that shows a build up to this issue.

The other suggestion I am being given is to reinstall the server.  But that means the entire cluster as they are seeing the same thing.

There are references to this covering Windows 2008 R2 and one even shows a hotfix, but that isn’t 2012 R2 and does not help as well.


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VHDX file corrupted

Hi guys,Really need your help on this one.

I have a customer that uses Hyper-V on Windows Server 2012 RTM.

The earlier IT guy (who was fired today) have been running the whole setup on dynamic disks.

One of the disks have 3,5 TB of data, and is therefore a VHDX file.
Today because of the heat the RAID controller reset, and that sadly corrupted the VHDX file.
Almost all of the VM’s are dead, but this VHDX file holds ALL of the company data - such as dokuments, pictures, contracts, profiles, homedirs, and so on (you probably get the picture).
To top it all, the (now fired) IT guy didn’t really check on the backup jobs - so no backup at all.

This company really needs help. I tried Bing’ing and Googling everything but no help as it is a VHDX and not a VHD file.

Whenever I try to start the machine, all I get is "Attachment ‘D:VHDsFILESERVER1.vhdx’ failed to open because of error: ‘The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.’."

I tried attaching it in disk manager with no luck (it will not open). I read that extending the size with VHDResize could uncorrupt the drive could help (but sadly it does not support VHDX format).

I really need your help here. Please join in with every crazy idea available.. These guys really need help.

The guy that comes up with a solution will not only recieve the credit, but I personally promise you an ice cold beer if you ever get to Denmark..

Or if you live in a country that I will ever visit, I will buy you one in your town.


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Hyper V internal network no ping between real and virtual server


I have a 2012 server with a static ip address and a subnetmask. This server can be pinged by other servers. 

On this server I have Hyper V installed, and configured a virtual
network switch. 

In Hyper V, I installed a 2012 server, using the virtual internal network switch, with the static ip address and subnetmask. The virtual server can ping other virtual computers using the same virtual internal network switch.

However, the host server can’t ping the virtual server and vice versa. What am I doing wrong? I there something else that needs to be configured?

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