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.vhd file corruption

I have performed a few steps below and it seems like the .vhd file is corrupted.

  1. When loading the .vhd file in Hyper-V, we got error "the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable";
  2. We tried mount the .vhd file directly to the Hyper-V host, but still got the same error;
  3. With vhdtool, the repair attempt as failed;
  4. Disabling the antivirus service and then re-mount the .vhd file, still got the same error;

May I know if Microsoft provides any support for this? and what normally is the root cause?

Thank you.

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licensing Hyper-V two node Failover Clustering with 4 VM’s


I need to create a Hyper-V failover cluster with 2 nodes. and I need to run 4 vm on the cluster, I need to be able to run vm’s on any server by using the live migrate feature.

both hyper-v hosts will have 2 processors each.

how do I go ahead with the licensing?

Im planning to buy licenses based on hyper-v hosts. in this case 2 vm’s be coverd with one "two processor license" and for the other host the same license so together I have two windows server 2012 standard.

am I correct or do I need to buy 4 standard since im planning to move vm’s?

Thank you


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Can not edit vhd, because the system thinks snapshots exist, but I disagree

Server 2008 (r1) SP2 host, running 2 Server 2008 virtual servers.

The problem child is an Exchange 2010 server, with a fixed disk size of 500gb, currently at 95% of capacity.

According to Hyper-V, no snapshots exist, None populate in the "snapshots" window, and when I navigate to the folder where Hyper-v wants to put them, none are present.

When I shutdown the server, it makes no effort to merge any existing deleted, but not yet merged snapshots.

I can’t say with 100% accuracy that no snapshots have ever been taken of this virtual, but if they were it was a long time ago.

I obviously need to expand this drive, and very soon if possible. How do I find the snapshot, that the edit vhd process thinks exists, or convince it that one doesn’t?


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