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HyperV HDD Performance in host very slow

I’ve been happily running HyperV on Windows Server 2008 & 2008 R2 for the last couple of years. My Servers are really big PCs, so nothing special.

I’ve taken the mobo that used to be my HyperV server, and installed Windows 8 on it. It has 16GB RAM & 3.1 GHz Quad core so quite capable of running 3 or 4 VMs. This is what is was doing with Windows 2008.

I’ve added HyperV role to Windows 8, and the HDD performance on the host grinds to a halt when more than 1 VM is running. Disk average throughput measured by HD Tune Pro drops from 135MB with no VM, to 44MB with 1, all the way down to 0.7 MB with 4.

Disk Access time drops from 15.3ms to 23.8, then finally 606.8 ms.

My new ‘Server’ is running the same HDD and does not show a similar drop in performance. It’s happily running 6VMs.

I think that leaves 2 possible problems: either the HDD is starting to fail, or HyperV in Windows 8 doesn’t work as well as in Server 2008 R2.

Any thoughts? Is it time to replace the HDD?




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Hyper-V Replica: Hyper-V failed to enable replication .. the handle is in the wrong state .. (0x00002EF3)


i am trying to get HV Replica on 2 servers with Hyper-V Server 2012 in a workgroup, based on certificates.
All configuration works well until i actually try to activate replication for a vm. No matter which vm, which direction, what options, i always get the following errormessage:

Hyper-V failed to enable replication.

Hyper-V failed to enable replication for virtual machine ‘xxx’: The handle is in the wrong state for the requested operation (0x00002EF3). (Virtual Machine ID …)

I do not find any information in the net about any "handle" or it’s "state" and what i can do about this.
Has anyone seen this error and knows more about it?


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0x80070569 Error When Creating Second Virtual server in Hyper-v 2012

I get this error when I try to create a second VM from Hyper-v Manager on windows 8 / server 2012 / server 2008 R2.

Hyper-v is running on a new install of server 2012 core.

I was able to create the first VM (server 2012 with a GUI) and is running fine.

I have tried adding the local administrator account to the logon as a batch job and doing a gpupdate /force with not luck.

Both the server 2012 core and the server 2012 VM are joined to the same domain.  I am logged into server 2012 and server 2008 R2 as the domain administrator.

Any ideas would help!

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cannot start Hyper-V virtual machine


I have a Windows 2008 Server. It has been now upgraded to Windows 2012. Everything was working fine. But, now I turned off the virtual machine and copied the VHD file to another drive for backup. After this, I am not able to start the old virtual machine.
(The VHDs are in place. I only copied them) However, two another virtual machines are running now without any problem. While trying to start, I am getting the error "the operation cannot be performed while the object is in its current state". These are
critical server. Any quick thoughts?


Tom Jacob

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