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Cannot select merged drive for virtual machine

Hi all,

I just merged an AVHD into a VHD for a virtual machine using the Edit Disk option under the action menu after all of the snapshots had been deleted, but the VM not shut down afterwards for a long time.  I’d done this on a different virtual, and Hyper-V
automatically figured out where the new drive was.  With this one, I got a progress bar regarding the merge, which filled to completion.  However, the VM refused to boot, because it can’t find the AVHD file that was merged away.  When I try
to change the virtual, I get a message saying:

Cannot change disk since a disk merging is pending.

However, I can’t figure out how to get Hyper-V to give tell me the progress of that merge.  Any ideas?

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Migrating VMware RDMs to a Hyper-V R2 pass through disk

Does anybody know whether you can move a VMware RDM from an existing VMware VM by first powering it off and removing the mapping and then present the same to a Hyper-V R2 cluster and attach it to a Hyper-V R2 VM.  For example, in this scenario, we would
use SCVMM 2008 with SP1 to V2V the VMware VM to Hyper-V R2 but of course won’t be converting the RDM (that contains a lot of data) to a VHD.  We would then want the RDM to be presented to the Hyper-V R2 Cluster and then added to the converted VM as a
pas through disk.  Would this work or would the partition be unique to the original VMware VM?

Any other advice appreciated.


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