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corrupt vhd – how to solve

Hello everybody!

We got kind of a (huge) problem with a vhd which fails to boot and I hope somebody can help out with some bright ideas 🙂

Emvironment: 2008R2 SP1, 2-node Fail over Cluster with less 10 Servers. All System (OS boot) VHDs living on one partition, RAID 10.
Hardware: Intel Modular Server
VM concerned: 2003R2 Standard
Probelm: VM won’t start. Gets to the 2003R2 Screen for a few seconds and then goes into a blue screen 0x000000ED.

No hardware changes, but VHD seems to be corrupt. At least copying the file will fail after 1/3 of the process, reporting ether file or disk are faulty.

What happend just before is a failing HDD. This was recognized by the storrage system, disk was marked bad, taken off line, hot spare got activated and rebuilt process completed successfully - just as it should be.

Apparently this 2003R2 VHD (and another less important VHD) got corrrupt by what ever reason.

Now, I would like to find out if:
a) there is any way to get this thing booting up again or
b) there is any chance to somehow extract WSS 2.0 data from this VHD. This VM was hosting the customers SharePoint site and there is no backup.

Any ideas or help would be much apreciated.

Thanks in advance!
Ralf DK

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‘WindowsServer2008R2_Ent’ could not initialize. (Virtual machine ID B09095BA-90F6-40E5-88F3-7251ABACFA87)

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