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Set Hyper-V Host Network Link Speed

Hi All,

I have done a search but have not found anything relevant to my problem. I dont know if I searched using the wrong terms and if I have I apologize in advance.

My Host Config:

Intel SR2520 Dual Xeon
6 x SATA 1TB

Ok I set up the Latest Version of Hyper-V Core From Microsoft onto the Server. But When I run Task Manager, Under Networking, The Link Speed for Both onboard Adapters ar listed as 10Gbit.. The Adapters are only 1Gbit though!
I get the same result if I use The Windows Drivers or the Intel Drivers off the CD or the Latest Drivers From intel Website. I cannot find a setting for this in the Bios or even with using the syscfg.exe that is used to Configure the BMC.

This setting is also permiating throught to the VMs on the Host as they also report that the Network Link Speed is 10Gbit.

Does anyone know how to change this setting in the Hyper-V Core? Im sure if I change it there it will migrate to the Vms.. Correct me if Im wrong??

This isnt a major problem as the Network is working but when I copy from another Server, Linked Direclty Via Cat6 Xover cable, the Hyper-V (Not Vms) Shows 1-2 % utilization and on the Source Server (Also 1Gbit Connection) It show 10-20% Util??

Im a bit worried that the 10Gbit Link speed is messing with something and thus giving really bad Network Performance.. I feel I should at least get 80% utilization from the Source Server.. as this is what I get when I copy from Source Server to my Workstation.

Any help would be appreciated.


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