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Redirecting com port to named pipes on Server 2008

Just finished a NEW build of (1) SBS2003R2, (2) Webserver & (3)PABX
Server… on Server2008 WVS
Box HPDL 380 G5 6GB ram, raid1 37GB, raid 5 350GB
Server 2008 WVS Enterprise
SBS2003R2 x86
Server2008Web x64 (WEB)
Server2008Web x64 (PABX)

This has been up for 8 days, I am testing continuosly, NO hickups,
install of SBS very fast, and after installing VM tools, extremly fast
and responsive. BUT


I need one Com port for my fax modem on the SBS server.

So I set the com port on the VM to .pipecom1


Now I have to do the corresponding on the Host server.


I tried to use WINdbg with the code of windbg -b -k comStick out tongueipe,port=.pipecom_1,resets=0 ,


I did not work, which I expected, the problems is I can’t find any relevant documentation on how to do this.


It would be extremly helpful if we would have a driver from MS for this, or is there one?


Many thanks



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