10 minute wait for network after live migration


I have a three node failover cluster.  Two nodes are local, and connected to the same SAN.  The other node is at a remote location connected to a different SAN that is a mirror of the local SAN, over a 1Gb E-Line connection.

When I live migrate a role between the two local nodes everything is fine.  When I migrate a role from the remote node to a local node, everything is fine.  When I migrate a role from a local node to the remote node, the migration takes the expected
amount of time but once the migration is complete, it takes about ten more minutes for the network to come up.

I have disabled encryption on the E-Line for testing purposes and it didn’t help.

I can connect to the role via the console while it is in this no network state and Windows says that it is connected to my network but the connection is limited.  I can ping the network adapter but cannot ping the gateway.

Has anyone else seen symptoms like this before?


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