Cant remote manage Hyper-V host


I have a Hyper-V host for my lab environment, i can connect using RDP and PS remoting but i cant use RSAT. 

The host is non domain or workgroup join but my manage computer is domain join whit another domain.

I tryded this:

But i still get cant logon to it. Is it because management pc i domain join?

Did turn off all the FW but it didn’t help 🙁


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Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management Service doesn’t respond, cannot stop/restart

Hello, I’ve been running a functioning virtualization set on a small Server 2016 install, running a half dozen VMs. Everything was working fine for months, but I let Windows update last night and when it rebooted suddenly none of the VMs would startup. When
I attempted to check them with the management tool it tells me it’s connecting to the Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management Service, and it never stops saying that except to sometimes say it cannot be reached. This is all locally on the server, not remotely.
This has not happened in the past. When I attempt to stop or restart the Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management Service it takes a long time and then ends with Error 1503 saying that it cannot stop the service as it took too long to respond.

I tried rolling back the update, and that changed nothing unfortunately. This is pretty disastrous for me, hopefully someone can help me out!

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Resource control with clustering

I have another question - Can we somehow configure VM RAM and CPU resources for fail over

For example if VM1 has 8 GB RAM and 4 CPU on NODE 1 and when it fails over to NODE2 i want to change the RAM to 4 GB and 2 CPU

Is this somehow possible with hyper v clustering ?

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How to access vmms.pdb for vmms.exe 10.0.14393.2248


Would you please advise how to access the symbol vmms.pdb for vmms.exe 10.0.14393.2248 ?

The symbol for vmms.exe isn’t able to be accessed through

I found this blog, and expecting for some way to access the hyper-v symbols :

Regards, Toshi

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Hyper V cluster: shutdown all nodes


We are running a HyperV cluster with 2 nodes (shared storage, SAN).

We’ve wrote a powershell script to shutdown all VM’s in case of a shutdown command of our UPS (get-vm | stop-vm -force). After this script has ran, we shutdown the physical HyperV node.

When power has been restored, the UPS sends a WOL packet to the 2 physical hyperv hosts.

How should we auto start all vm’s again? I’ve tried to setup the priority in the hyper v failover cluster, but however: the VM’s does not auto start again… When I configure the auto restart in the hyperv manager: it works: but these settings does not remain
after a migration to another node.

Basically we want a full auto shutdown and a full auto restart in case of a power failure.

Can someone give me some insights in the case of a power outage? We want to automate this procedure as much as possible…

Kind Regards, many thanks.


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I can add 2 VLAN but no more


I juste installed a new 2016 Hyper-V.
I connected it to a multi-VLAN Trunk (all VLAN are operational).
The vSwitch is configured, and the hypervisor has its IP linked to the vSwitch.

I create a VM (2016 Std) in this hypervisor.
I link it to the default VLAN (no VLAN selected - VLAN 1) et I configure the IP in the VM.
No problem, correctly connected to the network and routing is OK.

I stop the VM, add a new VLAN (10) and I configure it in the VM.
No problem, correctly connected to the network and routing is OK.

I stop the VM, add a third VLAN (20) : the problems begins…
The interface appear in the VM (but as a Public network) and I configure the IP.
No network access !  Just as it is connected to another VLAN (don’t know which).

I stop the VM, and reboot the Hyper-V ans the switch, without any config change.
Even more strange !  VLAN 20 (not working before) is now working fine (and the interface can be reached from the network).
But… VLAN 10 is not working anymore (just as if interface is connected to another VLAN).

I stop the VM and add and additional VLAN (30).
Restart of the VM and… VLAN 10 is now working again, but same problem with VLAN 20 and 30.

I’m completely lost…

Do you have any idea about this problem ?

Is there a parameter in the vSwitch limiting the number of VLAN in use ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Assigning Virtual Desktop (Power Shell)

I have a collection of VM that I assign to users under the Server Manager GUI. I had one of the  Users deleted before I was able to UNASSIGN the VM. I now have a VM in my list with a SID  ( S-1-5-21-1837724688-16….) that is making it impossible
to reassign thru the GUI. I am attempting to perform the task with POWERSHELL. When I run the  


It does not list the SID assigned VM. If I run the 

Set-RDPersonalVirtualDesktopAssignment -CollectionName "Collection name" -User "domainuser" -VirtualDesktopName "VM Name" -ConnectionBroker "Collection Broker"

Set-RDPersonalVirtualDesktopAssignment : Failed to set the personal virtual desktop assignment.
At line:1 char:1
+ Set-RDPersonalVirtualDesktopAssignment -CollectionName "Collection Name …
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [Write-Error], WriteErrorException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.WriteErrorException,Set-RDPersonalVirtualDesktopAssignment

The above command will work for a Listed and Assigned VM but, not for this one. I would like to save this VM for new staff. Any help you be appreciated.


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Guest VM slow after updated windows updates

Hi Team,

We  are running windows server 2012 R2 Hyper V host, recently we updates the window patches on one of the guest VM, after the updates the guest VM performance has degraded extremely , this is giving me nightmare as this is a critical VM, how can resolve
this issue? what are the troubleshooting steps to begin with?

The host is not updated with latest windows updates only the guest VM

TechGUy,System Administrator.

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Hyper-V in a school network – educational use – Windows Server 2016


I’m a computer technology teacher in the 12th grade at a school in Belgium. I’ve been using Hyper-V to teach my pupils the use of Windows Server 2016. Since this year we keep on getting error code 32788. It seems to happen at random. 2 pupils out
of 13 don’t get the error, the others do. The pupils all have equal accounts, they are all in the same security groups…

They get the error on the school computer (in the school domain) and on their own BYOD laptop which is in a different VLAN. It happens noticably less on their BYOD computer.

The school computers have:

Core I5
8 GB RAM (VM gets 2048 MB)

The BYOD computers have:
Core I3
8GB RAM (VM gets 2048 MB)

Windows 10 - 1803 - 17134.345

Hyper-V version: Versie: 10.0.17134.1

They all use the same settings and we checked the settings to look for errors - which they don’t have.

We tried GEN 1 and 2, we checked if virtualisation was enabled in BIOS, we checked if they had sufficient user access to folders and nothing seems to help or fix the issue.

Did anyone experience similar problems? What could be possible causes? A reward of eternal gratitude is given to the answer that can make me teach again.

With kind regards


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Apply configuration to virtual machine each time it starts up

Hi people! I need your experience.

I have a VM that I need to apply a configuration to in case it restarts. The problem is because HyperV Server 2012 R2 overwrites the configuration of my vNICs and I lose certain configurations.
These are as follows:
Get-VMNetworkAdapter -VMName firewall01 | Where-Object -Property MacAddress -eq "00155D08CD00" | Set-VMNetworkAdapterVlan -Trunk -AllowedVlanIdList 0-600 -NativeVlanId 0

and another vNIC:

Get-VMNetworkAdapter -VMName firewall01 | Where-Object -Property MacAddress -eq "00155D08CD01" | Set-VMNetworkAdapterVlan -Trunk -AllowedVlanIdList 0-600 -NativeVlanId 0

That’s why I’m looking for some way to apply these settings to my VM in case it restarts, otherwise I lose network connectivity. 
If there is a better way to do this, I greatly appreciate your advice.

Thank you very much for your help and experience.

Best regards


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